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System Requirements

FastSum works under common Windows systems like Windows 98\Me\NT\2000\XP\Vista\7. It has not been tested under Windows 95 and this platform is not supported. For best performance we recommend to use NT-based systems.

Direct Downloads

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[ 7.787,34 Kb ]
Recommended for most users, all included!
Includes: FastSum Standard free trial, FastSum Command Line Edition and PHP Parser Class
MD5 checksum: 02C2B6F3E8812B697E729B4EF61757B7
[ 435,93 Kb ]
Only if you are familiar with command line interface!
Includes: FastSum Command Line Edition and PHP Parser Class
MD5 checksum: 34F2794A8353CB6915AB7EB9175127DF
[ 184,74 Kb ]
Command line interface, no executable setup (.zip)
Includes: FastSum Command Line Edition and PHP Parser Class
MD5 checksum: 002CE3C59D62A1BB2CD6C4E077E3FF35

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Installation notes

There are two main ways to install FastSum for Windows: either manually or by using the executable setup.

Executable setup (.exe)

Run the executable installer and follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard. The installation wizard gathers enough information to set up FastSum files.

Once the installation has been completed you can start using FastSum.

Archived binaries (.zip)

Is required if you want to set up FastSum in other cases then regular desktop system like network server or on your website hosting. All you have to do is add the program path to your operation system PATH Environment variables or simply copy "fsum.exe" to a path that is already specified in your Environment variables. For example copy "fsum.exe" to a folder where Windows is installed.

This procedure allows running the software without thinking of its physical location. It means that instead of E:\Utilities\Checksum\FastSum\fsum.exe you can run the program simply typing fsum

To add the path to a PATH variable follow the steps below:

Windows 2000\XP:

Windows 98\Me:

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